Course Description

When you enroll in this 12-week course, you will learn practical skills on how to win a soul for Christ. You will learn how to engage people in meaningful conversations and to transition naturally into spiritual topics. You will discover simple and effective means to easily find Bible study contacts. You will learn how to write your own Bible study, how to give it, how to answer tough questions, and how to lead someone to make decisions for Christ. You will learn how to close the proverbial back door of the church by helping new members become active disciples for Jesus. And so much more!

The four instructors for this course are active and experienced soul-winners who bring their years of experience to help you avoid many common pitfalls in personal evangelism. You will be spiritually renewed and empowered to get to work as you take this course to become a successful witness for Jesus.

Meet the instructors

Mark howard

Director of Emmanuel Institute 
Mark Howard is an ordained minister of and currently serves as the associate director for the Sabbath School & Personal Ministries (SSPM) department for the Michigan Conference as well as director of the Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism. Pastor Howard is known for his clear teaching style and his commitment to the Adventist message. He and his wife of 34 years have served together in ministry for nearly 25 of those years. They have two children, Caleb and Anneliese, and look forward with hope to the soon return of Jesus!

Kameron DeVasher

Director of SSPM, Michigan
Kameron DeVasher is an ordained minister and director of the Sabbath School and Personal Ministries department of the Michigan Conference (Michigan SSPM). A firm believer in the message and mission of the Seventh-day Adventist movement, he has a passion for biblical soul-winning and church growth. He and his wife, Emilie, have three young children and love to spend their family time exploring God’s second book of nature.

Wes peppers

Evangelism Director
Wes Peppers currently service with It Is Written. He became a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian at the age of 22 after being an atheist/agnostic for several years. Soon after accepting Christ, quitting college football and a life of reckless living, he entered into full time ministry. He has served as a local church pastor, globally as an evangelist, speaker, and AFCOE teacher.  His greatest desire is to lead young people into a deeper, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and teach them how to share Him with others.

jim howard

Associate Director SSPM, GC
Pastor James “Jim” Howard is the Associate Director of the General Conference Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Department.  
Throughout his ministry of preaching, teaching, training, and developing soul-winning resources, he has helped both leaders and laypeople to accept the call of Christ to share Three Angels’ Messages with others. His burden is to lead every member to a closer walk with Jesus through communion with God, fellowship with the church, and active involvement in both personal and public outreach.